• John Waite - Mask Of Smiles


John Waite – Mask of Smiles

Every Step of the Way
Welcome to Paradise
Lust for Life
Ain’t That Peculiar
Just Like Lovers
The Choice
You’re the One
No Brakes

I was trying not to make the same album. I was working in “Hells Kitchen” on the west side. Separated from my wife. Living in the Gramercy Park Hotel. “Welcome to Paradise” says it all. Mask of Smiles was begun on Long Island at the Boogie Hotel. The board kept breaking down so we spent a lot time at the local bar. In the end I had to up and move it all back to the city. Clinton Sound in Hells Kitchen. I was crashing at different apartments or the Gramercy Park Hotel. When Johnny Thunders came by to play on the album he walked in sideways. He had this lovely pinstripe suit on and he brought his girlfriend along too. He was cool. Nice guy. We were sitting together later listening to a playback and I asked him if he had a cigarette. He reached in his waistcoat pocket and pulled out a beat up Lucky Strike. I said, “It’s broken!” He just grinned and shrugged. Great moment. That was Johnny. The real thing. When I handed the record in I got a sizeable advance that allowed me to buy Phil Ramone’s house in Pound Ridge. Home sweet home.
- John Waite

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