• John Waite - Temple Bar


John Waite – Temple Bar

How Did I Get By Without You
Someone Like You
Price of My Tears
Ain’t No Sunshine
In God’s Shadow
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
The Glittering Prize
In Dreams

I’d left Bad English the year before and I’d holed up that winter in my house in Pound Ridge. I had cords of wood delivered every couple of weeks and kept the cellar pretty well stocked with wine. It snowed, rained and eventually turned to spring. I was offered a contract for Terry Ellis’s new label Imago. He gave me generous deal and I was able to move back into the city for several months to record. It’s the only time I’ve ever had the head of a company tell me to make the record I wanted to make. I did. Temple Bar was the best I’d done to that point—”Downtown,” “More” and “Price Of my Tears”. Mike Shipley produced. The A&R guy was told to stay away. My life as an artist had begun again. It’s one of my best. Great songs and players. I was back on track.
- John Waite

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