• John Waite - Rover's Return


John Waite – Rover’s Return

These Times Are Hard for Lovers
Act of Love
Woman’s Touch
Wild One
Don’t Lose Any Sleep
She’s the One
Big Time for Love

I started that record at the Hit Factory on 54th street. There was a producer involved but I swear I can’t remember his name. It was sort of comical. Everything I said, he would say the opposite. After about three weeks we “had words”. That was the end of that. I scrapped everything and started again. Expensive but darkly funny at the same time. It was NYC after all! I made that record twice. I couldn’t have done it alone at that point. I found Frank Fillipetti and he helped to produce. Great guy. I rewrote everything from scratch. Everything. I can remember driving out of the city after a session in a snow storm bound for Pound Ridge at night listening to roughs of the day’s work. Rewriting and updating as I drove thinking if I got through this one it would be by the skin of my teeth.
- John Waite

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