• John Waite - Rough & Tumble


John Waite – Rough & Tumble

Rough & Tumble
If You Ever Get Lonely
Sweet Rhode Island Red
Mr. Wonderful
Further the Sky
Love’s Goin’ Out of Style
Better Off Gone
Peace of Mind
Hanging Tree

When I got into the studio for Rough & Tumble, I was insistent on it being simple. I didn’t want it to be dressed up. I thought the songs should have more humanity. That’s what people look at at the end of the day – they look for something that’s speaking to them, not a wall of effects and double tracking. My job as a musician—as a writer—is to try and push out into different areas and I think this album does it. Rough & Tumble is just a three-piece band and a singer and that’s what I really love the most.
- John Waite

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