• John Waite - Ignition


John Waite – Ignition

White Heat
Mr. Wonderful
Going to the Top
Desperate Love
Be My Baby Tonight
Make It Happen
Still in Love with You
Wild Life

NYC. I literally fell in love with the city. It felt like home. It was still raw and had real edge. My head was on fire and I met a lot of new friends and a girl I was with for eight years. I came into a real “new world”. The result of everything was Ignition, which was probably my first autobiographical album. It was recorded at the famous Power Station and I had all these wonderful musicians like Frankie La Rocka on drums, Donnie Nossov on bass and Ivan Kral on guitar, all outstanding. It’s a solid piece of work and far away from the music everybody was expecting from me.
- John Waite

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