• John Waite - BEST


John Waite – BEST

Back On My Feet Again (newly re-recorded)
Isn’t It Time (newly re-recorded)
Rough & Tumble
Missing You (newly re-recorded)
If You Ever Get Lonely
Better Off Gone
Suicide Life
Change (live)
Every Time I Think Of You (live)
Head First (live)
Evil (live)
Saturday Night (live)
Bluebird Café (unplugged)
I’m Ready (unplugged)
In Dreams
The Hard Way
Missing You (duet with Alison Krauss)

This collection is called BEST because it’s my best. I didn’t want to do the obvious thing and simply put out a “Greatest Hits” record as anyone can do that. I always felt I could “do” them better and bring something to them that I’d missed, update the production and make them more vital. And besides, a retrospective was a nice way of looking at my work. I wanted to connect the dots as much for myself as for anyone who might hear it. It’s been a long career and this is the story–BEST yet actually. The story is far from over.
- John Waite

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